Accurate monitoring from user perspective – head of technology,

“One of the key benefits of the the SciVisum web testing service, is the ability to accurately monitor’s web applications from a user perspective.

Rather than rely simply on systems that monitor whether a router or web server is up and running, we are more concerned with any degradation in service that may affect our customers or partners. To this end, were an early adopter of the User Journey service from SciVisum.

This has allowed’s development team to finesse our applications and optimise database queries, to ensure high-speed access to our systems and services. Whilst this is not directly visible to clients and partners, it has been incredibly useful to our technology teams.

As a company that is entirely focussed on its web applications and services, we are about to initiate a project to stress test our application using the SciVisum platform. This will allow to simulate many concurrent users coming from many disparate locations, giving a more realistic view of system performance and scalability.

SciVisum has an efficient and friendly account management team, who proactively assist in fine tuning our dynamic user journey testing, which has been a key aspect of the relationship.”