SciVisum is our measure for ensuring our online shop is always open – Chris Howell, Dixons

“Within a week of using SciVisum, we had identified that a new ‘share it’ button on certain pages that were a part of new marketing activity was adding an extra 3 seconds to load the page. Once discovered marketing and development worked together to find a better way to implement the function and get the results the business needed, and we regained those 3 seconds for the user.”

“One of the most valuable elements for our teams in Finance and in Service Delivery is the ability to see lost sales. This means we can see the commercial cost of any outage. SciVisum is our measure for ensuring that the shop is open 24 hours a day.”

“The SciVisum user journey reports have quickly become part of the KPIs at Dixons Retail. And the services that SciVisum delivers have evolved with Dixons. SciVisum is very responsive, helpful and excellent value for money. They’ve evolved with us, supporting us with lost sales calculations and business hour reporting functionality,”

“SciVisum’s key strength is usability. It’s up on the screens so everyone can see the journeys – red is bad, green is good. It’s very clear and very effective.”