Monitoring is crucial to understand our customers’ online experience – head of IT operations, tesco

“We get much more valuable information from SciVisum’s monitoring service than I initially expected and we’re only just beginning to evaluate all of the features offered by the portal. In particular we find the real time summary charts on the portal invaluable for giving us a status overview of all our user journeys at a glance. We use the summary information for setting our business level KPIs and measuring against SLAs.

“The monitoring carried out by SciVisum is crucial to ensure that we continue to understand our customers’ online experience. Looking to the future we will be extending our use of User Journey testing and monitoring as well as working with SciVisum to develop new features so that we can maintain and improve all of our customers’ dynamic user journeys on”

“In just a few weeks the SciVisum Mobile App Monitoring has become a valuable addition to our business and the customer’s shopping experience.”