Rapid responses and proactive support – Joe Doherty, Kitbag

“Our sales department have started to use the portal so they know when sites are down for maintenance or experiencing problems – if they are just about to send out marketing campaigns these can be put on hold until the problems are rectified. Management requested the monthly reporting tool to help understand our up/down time. The data is also used to help justify capital expenditure – if we are able to prove that a particular problem can be resolved by purchasing new systems then SciVisum reporting goes a long way to help here”.

“The Dynamic User Journeys feature was a key factor in deciding to move to SciVisum. Because of the very nature of our web site it was important that we were able to dynamically and randomly track our web pages and user journeys. Previously we were monitoring via static journeys – we had lots of problems we didn’t capture which resulted in hours or days of downtime in parts of our web sites.”

“We rely heavily on the SciVisum system and downtime means a loss in sales and damage to brand image for all our partners. The SciVisum support team consistently provide rapid reactive responses, as well as proactive support and have noticed issues before we have done ourselves.”