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In any fast moving eCommerce organisation, there are times when moving to a new supplier starts to be of interest. Either because your team are beginning to be interested in their technical and delivery benefits, or maybe a lower cost proposal would win brownie points with the Finance Director.

a fish jumping from a fish bowl simulating service migration - moving to a better experienceWhatever the initial reasoning may be behind changing suppliers, the idea of migration often raises concerns within the company. Even if the service delivery, technical capabilities and pricing benefits are already there – the staff time and effort needed to move supplier is still an imposing factor. You don’t want your team to spend so much time on the project that the benefits start to be outweighed.

Service degradation is also a concern; you need to ensure that there’s nothing in the existing services that the new one doesn’t include.

At SciVisum, we have had many clients upgrade to our advanced Website Testing services. As a result, we have accumulated years of valuable experience supporting a wide range of different organisations through the two key processes of:

  • evaluating the benefits of different testing approaches to technical and service delivery; and
  • planning the costs, risks and staff effort of migration.

From that real user experience, we have distilled the best practises down into sensible processes.

SciVisum Service Evaluation (SSE)
SciVisum Service Migration Planning (SSMP)



SciVisum’s Service Evaluation (SSE) – Evaluating the Benefits of a new approach

Whether your business is using an existing web testing supplier or an in-house solution, evaluating and documenting the benefits of a change in a web testing and monitoring supplier can be a daunting, costly and time consuming task. SciVisum’s Service Evaluation (SSE) is a free solution which takes the headache out of quantifying service performance and analysis.

The Service captures:

  • how the current methodology is working
  • the specifics of what User Journeys are in use
  • the scope for further Dynamic User Journeys
  • and what the business benefits would be.

In a short meeting with your team, taking minimal time, a SciVisum web performance expert will capture the details of your existing framework.

On completion of the SSE, you may review your report internally or organise a follow-up consultation with one of our technical advisers who’d be happy to answer your questions, and advise on developing the testing plan further.

In detail:

  • ROI comparison – current vs proposed costs: value of proposed enhanced scope?
  • Technical scope vs. expenditure – a detailed specification based on firm pricing to ensure costs and ROI benefits are proportional
  • Technical scope benefits – evaluation of technical scope including an outline of gains and losses in services provided and impact on both business and technical standard(s) / goal(s)
  • Date scheduling: – project schedule integration; existing supplier end date, current and proposed campaign dates, migration timeframe

Contact SciVisum on +44 (0) 1227 768276, for further details



SciVisum’s Service Migration Planning (SSMP)

Whilst service migration can often be a simple process, the Service Migration Planning process with our technical team will ensure the risk is zero, and that everything is planned and prepared for a seamless transition.

In a short onsite meeting, taking the least time from your staff, a SciVisum expert will capture the details of how your various teams use the current web testing framework. From the results, we will then be able to compare and contrast with the new framework, highlighting where migration effort will be needed – staff training, web performance report document structure changes, etc.

In detail:

  • Staff effort – what extra effort is needed in staff training, set-up and implementation?
  • Change of metrics used – is there continuity in the units of measurement?
  • Risk of missing technology items – a detailed specification and comparison of proposed services to existing framework to pinpoint service gains / losses
  • Finalised time schedule: detailed results from ‘delivery impact’ segment. If necessary, factor into schedule running both services in parallel to ensure a smooth final transition

Contact SciVisum on +44 (0) 1227 768276, for further details


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