Unique Website Performance Testing Solutions

SciVisum’s unique approach – dynamically following complete journeys users make across your website, from welcome to checkout – offers a number of unique capabilities common to all SciVisum services.

Focus on the real website performance issues from your customer’s perspective with adaptive user journey technology

Unlike other web testing solutions, SciVisum’s solutions dynamically follow user journeys across your site. Our scripts adapt each time they run, verifying page content at every step and making random choices from those available, just as real users would.

This dynamic test approach delivers uniquely realistic, actionable data and ensures that all aspects of your site’s performance, are put to the test.

This unique level of realism, not available from traditional monitoring, enables you to focus your efforts on the real performance issues that matter, those impacting on your customers and your brand.

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Expand your technical team with SciVisum’s experience & expertise. Proactively managed services help you lighten the load whilst saving you time and freeing up resource.

SciVisum’s fully managed services are supported by a team of experienced professionals who proactively verify and assist with web performance issues.

Our personalised services include ‘live’ management of each client’s User Journeys, to ensure monitoring scripts are synchronised with site changes and inform you in real-time of any significant degradation in performance.

Our expertise and in depth analytical skills are on hand to help with data interpretation and further technical investigation. Our Client Liaison team proactively investigate root causes, recreate journeys and provide appropriate documentation including screenshots and explanations.

No hardware or software installation is required, our services run off the cloud, simply login to our GUI and we will build and maintain your scripts automatically.

Our first hand experience working with many clients over the years, enable us to understand the website performance challenges you encounter and provide exactly the right help, training and support to suit your needs.

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Quickly resolve root causes with automated diagnostics and data granularity

The SciVisum test engine automates time consuming diagnostic tasks. Making it simpler and faster to identify errors resulting from network issues, third parties, and specific servers. This combined with a unique drill down facility, quickly points you in the right direction to resolve root causes.

There’s no need to waste time recreating errors, our replayer tool shows you the page as the customer saw it when an error occurred along with the original html and JSON.

Gather hard evidence on which to base business decisions and manage third parties

Hard evidence from your customers’ perspective provides an indisputable basis – a ‘single point of truth’ – for prioritising software & hardware changes, allocating resource/budget, and managing third parties.

Unite business and technical teams with metrics in a common language

SciVisum’s user-friendly GUI intuitively presents actionable metrics in a common language, easily understood by technical and business teams – providing a ’single point of truth’.

Metrics from the end user’s perspective means there’s no need for your technical team to spend time wading through meaningless data and no need for business teams to understand underlying technological issues.

Continually improve customer experience, maximise ROI and protect your brand

Ongoing website performance testing from your customers’ shoes results in continuous improvement of your customer experience, maximum ROI for website performance optimisation, whilst protecting your brand.


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