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Next Generation Business Focused Server Monitoring

Until now server monitoring has typically consisted of indicator numbers, useful only to specialist technology teams and providing no information as to the real customer impact of passing a given threshold. SciVisum’s innovative server monitoring links technical performance with user centric thresholds and targets to clearly show the impact of server performance on the bottom line. This “Dynamic User Journey” focused approach ensures monitoring is built around customer needs and strategic business direction. Vital intelligence can be integrated with other monitoring data in our intuitive, multidimensional, enterprise-wide portal. SV-Serving Monitor Supports:

  • Troubleshooting, capacity planning and investment decisions.
  • Prioritising alerts for issues that are specifically known to impact users and strategic KPIs.
  • Bespoke application monitoring using Nagios plug-ins to provide the next level of insight.
  • Maintenance of granularity for historic monitoring data.
  • A common reporting and analysis language for collaboration between IT, Operations and Business Departments as they become ever more interdependent.
  • Integration and comparison with other diagnostic, analytics and trouble-ticket tools in one intuitive portal.

Better Than ‘Average’

Typically server monitoring provides the average performance values over the relevant period, NOT actual resource usage at that moment in time. Often this “averaging” becomes broader the further back in time you wish to go (average for the last hour, last day, last week, last month etc). In contrast SciVisum’s User Journey focused approach takes an actual snapshot of realtime performance. SV Server Monitor does NOT lose granularity over time in this way as we keep raw data to enable troubleshooting, detailed comparison and trend analysis back through time, all with the same level of detail.

Taking It Up A Level

But basic resource monitoring,for example knowing that a CPU is at 90% capacity, does not provide detailed information on which application on the server is using that capacity and how. Monitoring at the application level is needed to understand how much work is being done by a particular process such as:

  • Application resources
  • Database resource metrics
  • Queue monitoring
  • Web Services

SV-Server Monitor allows monitoring of the bespoke software processes written by your own development team, or provided by 3rd parties, partners and content suppliers. Integrated end-to-end monitoring covers everything from load testing, release management, server and website monitoring to front end user-experience.

Plug-ins Give Flexibiity

Currently most organisations are not able to monitor all or any of their complex, in-house processes to the level of detail required for the demands placed on modern web systems, where traffic, load and order numbers can change by thousands of percent in seconds, campaigns are time sensitive and orders must be processed in realtime and sometimes shipped out or ready for download instantly. SciVisum’s commitment to ensuring maximum monitoring flexibility for clients, coupled with our Open Source approach, means we can either create bespoke Nagios plugins for in-depth custom monitoring of business critical processes and components, or use existing plugins unique to a client.

Compare User Journey and Server Performance 24/7

The possibility of losing business or damaging brand due to poor technical performance is of increasing concern to organisations with complex, multi-channel offerings. SciVisum Server Monitoring enables users to correlate, analyse and understand the relationship between experience, behaviour and and system performance by viewing both server performance and user journey performance on one graph.

A Single Point Of Truth

The SciVisum ethos of providing a “single point of truth” allows the information from server monitoring to be used and understood at all levels of the organisation. This data is immediately actionable for support and operations teams, and also enables wider data driven decisions for purchasing and resource allocation. With numbers clearly showing impact on User Journey performance the financial justification for decisions and requests can be easily demonstrated.

Uniting The Tribes

Simple, intuitive, business based visualisations and summaries are provided for non-technical people while the operations and support team have access to a fully integrated suite of advanced diagnostic and analysis tools, fine grained controls and alerting and reporting functions. This means that teams from across the business can work easily together with the SV Portal as a simple, single point of contact. Meetings become more efficient and productive, solutions can be found more readily and valuable time focused on improvements rather than firefighting.

The Demands Of A Changing Landscape

As businesses progress along the eCommerce maturity curve and have multichannel front ends the natural progression is for multi-dimensional monitoring in the back end that provides the same holistic view of performance as customers experience of the brand. Cross enterprise use of virtual machines, the Cloud, multiple internal and external systems and 3rd party web providers are making efforts to get usable information ever more complex. The need for a “single point of truth” provided by an impartial 3rd party monitoring solution is vital for organisations intending to stay ahead of the competition. As the market grows more demanding, so does the internal organisation. People are becoming used to the agile, “permanent beta” responsiveness of development and need this flexibility in their monitoring, too.

SV Monitoring Suite

All products in the Monitoring Suite have been designed with different user needs in mind, but all are delivered through the intuitive Customer Portal, and enjoy the one-on-one managed service support, that our clients value so highly. To help support all teams, and provide a “single point of truth”, all products in the SV Monitor Suite are designed to ensure that everyone can understand and be proficient in using the wide ranging metrics to deliver ongoing improvements.  Supporting the Business In:

  • Longer term strategic planning for scalability of systems, forecasting, defining campaigns, business models, determining resource allocation and technical direction decisions.
  • Informed buying decisions, development of robust business cases through understanding of customer needs, necessary usage, capacity planning and load balancing.
  • Trends analysis and drill down to understand business logic (and processes) and the relationship with technical performance.
  • Incident Management for quick discovery, diagnosis and resolution of problems and bottlenecks.
  • Prediction, prevention and pre-empting of issues.
  • Managing SLAs with technology and service providers.
  • Effective control of dialling up and down cloud capacity and monitoring auto dialling providing evidence to control spend.



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