Website Inventory Management And Monitoring

See Which Products Cannot Be Bought And Understand Why

Having items on your website that users cannot buy leads to frustration and not only a lost sale on that occasion, but a potential lost customer and a shared negative brand perception from that point on. SV-Inventory Management constantly monitors your website, using dynamic user journeys, and lets you know where items are available for users to select as part of an eCommerce journey but that cannot actually be purchased for a number of reasons ranging from no stock, to incompatible selections, to errors in the eCommerce systems.

The SV-Inventory Manager

Provides the following information:

• Rolling report showing dynamically selected items that were unbuyable
• Total number of unique items checked
• Percentage of unbuyable items
• Items unbuyable for longer than a set threshold
• Duration of unbuyable status by item
• Date/time product first found to be unbuyable
• Number of times this item selected in the period

Do What The Customer Does, Buy What The Customer Buys.

The unique SciVisum dynamic user journey engine behaves like a mystery shopper taking random paths through the eCommerce site it’s monitoring and making random product selections from the items visible to users in real time.

The Inventory Monitor instantly discovers any issues with the online selection and purchasing process as the engine records all selections, and success or failure in buying them, for reporting and analysis.

These errors in merchandising logic or databases don’t affect all products all the time, so can be undermining your online sales for months, without a dynamic journey approach to bring them to the surface.

Part of the SV-Monitoring Suite, Inventory Management provides information that is accessible and actionable across all teams within an eCommerce organisation.

Inventory Monitoring Report

The SciVisum inventory report records any item that was unbuyable during the course of regular Dynamic User Journey Sampling.

This report captures the product details, the duration for which it was unbuyable, when the first unbuyable sample was encountered, when the item was last checked, and the number of samples in which this item was selected since it first was unbuyable.

It also records where prices for any items that have changed price since the last time they were selected by the SciVisum engine, what those prices were, and the number of times the item has been sampled at the current price.

By understanding where, when and how inventory problems occur, and their impact on customer actions you will have valuable information that can be used to improve sales, increase basket value, encourage customer advocacy and deepen loyal customer relationships.

Understanding The Impact

An average basket value of a user at 6pm on a Friday may be much more valuable than the average at 2am on a Wednesday – so an error with the checkout process on the latter may be less damaging to the bottom line.

An increase in calls (and costs) to support or customer service, or an elevated number of product returns resulting in refunds, the cost of replacements and brand damage may result from errors in the buying process, and can also damage customer experience.

If the stock inventory system is not responding, or not updating, to the online store users will look elsewhere, The problem of the disappointed buyer occurs when a visitor finds the product they want on your site, takes time to compare with other choices, and then when they click Add to Basket are confronted with a page saying this option is not available to buy. This does just affect this transaction but potentially loses you this customer forever.

Where 3rd parties are contracted to provide some or all of your eCommerce, whether standalone or components and plugins, the relationships between organisations are commonly managed through assessment of KPIs under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Discussions of performance where a value can be assigned to downtime can be given a much sharper strategic and budgetary focus when the measurement is of Customer Experience journeys is on the table, not just artificial metrics of server availability.

In showing clearly what was unbuyable, when, and for how long the inventory report can help to calculate the cost of such problems.

Joined Up Thinking

The Inventory Management report can be used in tandem with the The Lost Opportunities calculations that dynamic user journey monitoring enables, where a monetary value can be assigned to slowdown or downtime or errors based on the value of user activities unique to an organisation and to a specific time.

Dynamic Data Replays And Alerting

All of the Dynamic Data choices made for every sample are stored so that they can viewed stand alone or compared with other samples in order to:

• Understand exactly what happened and the route taken through the site
• Take the same journey manually through the site to test performance
• Replay the same journey automatically
• Compare with an OK sample using the same choices

This information is also included in all alert emails to enable the support team to immediately focus their investigations in the right direction and provide the right information to colleagues.

A Single Point Of Truth

Understanding which products could not be bought, and why, allows sales data to be looked at in a new light and the business to make informed decisions on the ROI of proposed eCommerce project and budget requests.

The common, intuitive user interface in the reports allows non-technical staff to immediately see the important top level information while enabling examination of the root cause of the problem by technical staff.

SV Monitoring Suite

All products in the Monitoring Suite have been designed with different user needs in mind, but all are delivered through the intuitive Customer Portal, and enjoy the one-on-one managed service support, that our clients value so highly.

To help support all teams, and provide a “single point of truth”, all products in the SV Monitor Suite are designed to ensure that everyone can understand and, be proficient in using, the wide ranging metrics to deliver ongoing improvements.

Simple, intuitive, business based visualizations and summaries are provided for non-technical people while the operations and support team have access to a fully integrated suite of advanced diagnostic and analysis tools, fine grained controls and alerting and reporting functions.

This means that teams from across the business can work easily together with the SV Portal as a simple, single point of contact.

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