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SciVisum’s success is the result of the combination of its in-house developed test engine, which provides flexible and fast scripting for complex multi-page Dynamic User Journey website testing, together with the experience of expert web testing staff.

Our unique approach to Web Performance Monitoring and Load Testing delivers benefits that cater for your individual business needs and not as an off the shelf package. To ensure that you achieve the most from your project, our on-hand technical support team will work with you throughout. This is part of the service, incurring no extra cost, and ensuring value for money.

The result is a portfolio of web effectiveness test services, centred around User Journeys. This approach helps clients focus on reducing lost sales online, by continual improvement of evidence based user experience metrics, measured by cloud testing as an SaaS service. SciVisum does not build or host web systems, and is thus able to offer fully independent test and audit services and consultancy.

SciVisum’s services deliver benefits to both the commercial and technical teams.

  • Technical teams are provided with uniquely in-depth analysis of how their eCommerce code and systems are performing, enabling Business and Marketing managers to take control of the ongoing customer experience on your portals.

In addition, we reduce a lot of friction and time wasted between the tech and marketing teams:

  • As one client says: “if SciVisum say the journeys are OK, then we can ask Marketing not to trouble us with ‘possible’ issues!”
  • Marketing teams who care that the site is fast know that with SciVisum onboard their tech colleagues will get all the tech details they meed to fix it: no need for meetings or postmortems!

Our bluechip Client Testimonials are testimony to our market-leading position in website testing. Our dedication and openness have been one of the key building blocks to who we are and is highly valued in satisfaction reports from our clients, many of whom are expert users, having upgraded from other solutions. The highly experienced tech team deliver performance measurement and improvements to clients’ business critical web based systems through the constantly improving Dynamic User Journey approach and intuitive portals. Through SciVisum’s web testing and recommendations, clients are able to substantially increase visitor rates and customer satisfaction levels by achieving gains in key user journey delivery times, increasing their ability to handle peak load levels, and reducing error rates.

Many companies have previously bought Web Performance Optimisation from other suppliers and appreciate the fact that SciVisum’s unique approach to emulating realistic, random-walk and complex dynamic user journeys provides incomparable depth of testing, at costs and time scales to suit today’s tighter project demands.

We are very proud of the standard of our products and services coupled with the expertise behind them; however it is equally important to us that our clients can fully access and understand their selected service/s.

SciVisum offer full on-site training for each service (where applicable), at no extra cost. This is available to all staff members who are likely to use the portals. Once personal training is finished we do not leave you ‘high and dry’ or propose additional charges for support. We believe in a one off price that ensures you can control your budget and plan ahead. Our technical team members are always happy to offer assistance where needed as part of your service.

At SciVisum we are committed to offering an unbeatable service excellence for which we are renowned. We strive to:

  • Provide consistency of service and support standards
  • Demonstrate respect, courtesy, and professionalism in every interaction
  • Communicate in a straight forward language
  • Follow through commitments made to clients
  • Provide additional support to technical/commercial/business teams where required
  • Suggest solutions to problems uncovered through testing and monitoring
  • Always reply promptly to communication requests

The proof of the pudding: our trouble tickets show each month that our Support team proactively contact our clients, twice as often as we react to inbound questions.]


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