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Established in 2003, SciVisum has grown to become a significant player in the UK Web Performance Monitoring and Testing market.

Bridging the gap between business and technology teams by providing a common language, in depth analysis, intuitive reporting and comprehensive client support, our portfolio of “dynamic user journey” based testing services enable business-wide understanding of the impact of online performance on the bottom line.

Our clients range across all industry sectors, Local and Central Government and are of all sizes from FT100 companies to SMEs.

We support clients in managing digital performance, improving user experience, facilitating cross departmental collaboration, and increasing ROI through the provision of uniquely in-depth analysis, reporting of actionable information and a common language understood by all departments.

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SciVisum has one of the highest client support staff to client ratios in the industry. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best support and service possible, through regular, dedicated communication and in depth understanding of our clients requirements.

SciVisum offers fully independent performance testing and monitoring services and web performance optimisation consultancy.

SciVisum’s offices are at the heart of the cathedral city of Canterbury, 60 minutes from central London, England.

About our services

When monitoring or testing website performance it is important that the software behaves like a user, not a program. Instead of simply checking the availability of single pages it needs to take the same actions, in the same way, as real users, experiencing your unique combination of code and applications throughout the customer journey.

Our portfolio of “dynamic user journey” based monitoring and testing services enable business wide understanding of the impact of online performance on the bottom line and helps clients focus on reducing lost sales online, by continual improvement of evidence based User Experience metrics.

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SciVisum provides technical teams a uniquely in-depth analysis of how their code and systems are performing, and allows Business and Marketing managers to take control of the ongoing Customer Experience. SciVisum’s success is the result of the combination of its in-house developed test engine, which provides flexible and fast scripting for complex Dynamic User Journeys, together with insight from an experienced web testing team.

Clients tend to build an ongoing annual regime testing their business-critical User Journeys with SciVisum to help maintain the quality of their user experience. For example SV-Monitor continuous 24/7 monitoring – and a twice yearly SV-Load test. Many clients have previously bought testing from other suppliers, and appreciate the fact that SciVisum’s unique approach to emulate realistic, dynamic User Journeys provides unique depth of testing, at costs and time scales to suit today’s tighter project demands.

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Our Team

Deri Jones - Chief Executive Officer

Deri Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Tasou - Client Liaison Manager

Kathleen Tasou

Client Liaison

Alistair Morrison - Senior Business Development Manager

Alistair Morrison

Senior Business Development Manager

Tom Challinor - Business Development Manager

Tom Challinor

Business Development Manager

Luis Telo - Head of Technical Projects

Luis Telo

Head of Technical Projects

Rebecca Burgess - Client Liaison

Rebecca Burgess

Client Liaison

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