A unique level of realism with intelligent, dynamic performance testing

Crucial insight into your customers’ real-world user experience

At SciVisum we understand the way your customers interact with your web infrastructure is not by accessing a single page, a single server or an isolated function, but by fluidly travelling through the site from page to page.

A website is built on multiple layers of HTML, Java Script, AJAX and other building blocks calling for information from servers, databases, content delivery networks, cloud based storage systems and more – at various rates and in multiple request configurations. Today’s dynamic performance testing needs to measure the user’s experience of your unique ‘pick-n-mix’ application of code and functions as they travel across your site to complete their web journey.

Maximise conversions with the full picture of your website performance

An evolution in web performance testing, dynamic journeys behave just like real users, making selections at each stage of the journey, like an automated mystery shopper. This better replicates real user behaviour and tests the performance of all aspects of your site.

  • Get straight to the crucial performance issues impacting your customers
  • Peace of mind that all aspects of your site are covered
  • Empower decision makers to allocate priorities and budgets with unbiased, real-world metrics

When businesses do not monitor website performance in the same way that users experience a site, system errors can go unnoticed directly impacting ROI. To truly understand your website performance, and which technical issues are most disruptive to your end users, it’s imperative to test from the customer’s perspective.

dynamic performance testing

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Our Team

Deri Jones - Chief Executive Officer

Deri Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen Tasou - Client Liaison Manager

Kathleen Tasou

Client Liaison

Alistair Morrison - Senior Business Development Manager

Alistair Morrison

Senior Business Development Manager

Tom Challinor - Business Development Manager

Tom Challinor

Business Development Manager

Luis Telo - Head of Technical Projects

Luis Telo

Head of Technical Projects

Rebecca Burgess - Client Liaison

Rebecca Burgess

Client Liaison

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