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For the vast majority of organisations websites are now a common sales and marketing channel, bringing substantial financial contributions in the multi-channel mix . However the continuous development of the internet, which escalates technological complexities, and the fierce competition found in the digital marketplace, has made website testing critical to maintaining a competitive position.

hands on laptopWhen businesses do not monitor their website performance using a dynamic user journey centric approach, then subtle system errors can go unnoticed directly impacting ROI. By its nature, online shopping allows users to switch between websites and brands very easily. This allows dissatisfied customers to ‘walk away’ at a click of a mouse – often to sites they may not have heard of before, so performance analysis is vital.

Online service delivery and customer experience is perhaps more critical than any other shopping outlet due to the fickle nature of online confidence. Incorporate load testing and website monitoring from the customer’s perspective on your site, confidence will grow that you truly understand your website performance, and which technical issues are most disruptive to end users’ experience.


SV Testing Services

SciVisum provide a one-stop solution to all user dynamic journey based, user experience testing;

Load and Stress Testing Website Monitoring On-Site Monitoring

Reduce the risk of failure along User Journeys during busy periods

Measure website performance, availability and consistency

Web farm monitoring; Quickly identify and investigate internal & external performance

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Real Browser Monitoring Geographic Trend Monitoring Mobile Monitoring

Quickly identify areas to optimize via performance breakdowns

City-Watch; Monitor website performance locally, regionally or worldwide

Monitor Apps, Mobile sites and multi-channel user journeys

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